Model A Ford Regional Meets

Our "region" is an informal group of clubs that started about 1975 or 1976. The Model A Club of Colorado had been having a yearly High Country Tour to which they had graciously invited Model A'ers from neighboring states. By 1975, their tour had become very popular and they said they were tired of having it every year. They proposed to the Meadowlarks that they would like us to alternate years with them, We had our first regional meet in 1976 and Kansas City and Wichita also agreed to host meets and give Colorado some time off, so they joined in and it was originally 4 years between meets for each club.

Over time, other clubs wanted to join in so that now we have approximately 10 clubs that host a Regional Meet once every 10 years. The only "meeting" of our regional group occurs at each meet where members representing each club discuss who will be hosting for the next several years and any other changes that need to be made in the format for the meets.

Record of Past Meets since 1976

Plans for Future Meets

2017 Regional

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